Following a lot of months of wait for the device to hit the shelves, the Samsung Chromebook Plus is now available as opposed to the Chromebook Pro which will be released in the next couple of months. Both devices have different variants and the two devices will have the same design and measurements, the only notable differences being in terms of specs.

The devices have different names and as the custom goes to be entirely different, this is not the case. Samsung has kept its device variants extremely tight as they shared to the general public all of their specs except for the most important detail, their processor.

The Chromebook Plus’ screen is one amazing piece of technology and the keyboard controls feel to have a great flow to them. When it comes to the pen, it is fantastic to use as it is extremely sensitive to commands. The device comes equipped with 4GB of RAM which will be sufficient to the majority of users.

Samsung’s Chromebook Plus comes with ARM and paired with the 4GB of RAM will give the device a hefty amount of power to not be overcome by most challenges that are being thrown at it. Coming with a $449 price tag, the device is a pretty good deal considering the fact that it comes sporting a gorgeous screen, a comfy keyboard as well as free Android Apps coming pre-installed.

When it comes to the Chromebook Pro, it should come equipped with the m3 chip paired with 4GB of RAM. The device has the same design specifications as the Chromebook Plus and not only will these benefits be sufficient to every user, the noticeable difference is that of sporting a much more powerful processor. The price tag will be about $100 more than the less powerful version for some extra processing power.

Both machines are extremely good at what they were designed for, as they are the best choice to go for when taking a device to a quick meeting or perform some web-based tasks or stream some content over Netflix.

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