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Pokemon Sun and Moon has been out for some time now, and people have been really enjoying the latest titles in the Pokemon franchise. The newest Nintendo 3DS titles bearing the Pokemon branding have offered players a number of treats since their release, but now it looks like another one is on the way. This time around, players will be getting Mega Stones, which are a type of battle items that help Pokemon evolve. Pokemon X and Pokemon Y were the first games in the series to feature such items.

When it starts

There will be multiple events tied to Mega Stones. The first one will take place at the end of February, so there’s one month left before players can use Mega Stones in-game. In order to acquire Mega Stones, you will be required to compete online against other players. As they would be on the same quest as you, you can count on a thrilling experience that will put each player to the test. Many agree that the Mega Stone rewards are worth it though. The first Mega Stones which players will be able to get are for Beedrill and Mawile. These will be offered as a gift to players that have participated in the events.

What’s next

The Z-Move mechanic stole the spotlight from Mega Evolutions, but these had a presence in Pokemon X and Pokemon Y. As far as Sun and Moon are concerned, it is unknown what comes next after the Mawile and Beedrill campaigns. More are to follow however, as it’s just a matter of time.

To have a chance at Mega Stones, Pokemon Sun and Moon players need to get passed the majority of the games’ content. Only then will they be able to start the quest for Mega Stones.