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The Scottish game studio who is in charge with Minecraft console ports, 4J Studios, issued a statement last week that a big update for the Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition and Minecraft: Xbox One edition is on its way. A lot of bug fixes and important additions will hit the popular sandbox video game as well as some extra achievements for both Survival and Tumble game modes.

Your Xbox 360 or Xbox One devices should automatically download the content update and not only will it prove to be a great one but it also features a whole lot of improvements and features which will only make the hit game even more popular among users.

The update touched a number of tweaks and improvements including the likes of horses not jumping to the correct height and re-entering a tutorial area while playing the Tutorial will reset the chests. Slab blocks will block light from now on and Chickens will now drop Cooked Chicken if they happen to die on top of a fire.

Another addition regarding drops is that Blazes will now drop Glowstone Dust when they die as well as a slight adjustment to the drop rate of Gold Nuggets and Zombie Pigmen will also drop Gold Ingots when they die. Tamed Ocelots will no longer remain hostile before getting tamed.

Shulkers will not crash the game if they happen to spawn too many times and to stay in the same theme, game flow will also be improved regarding the framerate no longer dropping while a player throws a large number of Lingering Potions.

Water Skeletons will now be hampered from walking through more than one block when it comes to high spaces as well as some minor changes to the Battle Mini Games which will close out arenas which are not accessible.

Perhaps the most important changes regarding this big update is that the popular sandbox game will now have eighteen more achievements, eleven for the Survival mode and seven for Tumble.