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The iPhone 8 will be released in September 2018 with iOS 11 out of the box. First of all, there will be made important changes to the flagship’s design, as it will feature an edge-to-edge OLED display (one of the three options), a glass back and wireless charging. As for the new operating system, it will be unveiled in June, at WWDC, but currently, there are some speculations about new features and we’ll tell you more about them below.

Dark Mode

This feature has been discreetly integrated to some of Apple’s apps, such as Settings app and Messages app. Also, back in September 2016, the Clock app has dark mode enabled by default, and tvOS 10 introduced a dark mode for newer Apple TV devices, which was found in Settings > General > Appearance menu.

Group FaceTime Calls

There are many messaging apps that support group video chats, such as Facebook Messenger, Hangouts, Skype etc., and in order to keep up the pace with them, FaceTime will introduce this feature in iOS 11. Israel-based technology blog, The Verifier claims that the application will support video calls with up to five friends and it got this information from sources that took part in the iOS development process.

New Contacts Features

The Contacts app could receive some social features, as in addition to location, photos and attachments, users will see text messages, emails and interactions they had with their Contacts.

Voicemail Transcription Improvements

iOS 10 came with voicemail transcriptions, which allowed users to call phone numbers dictated by their friends, without having to note them down. Also, the feature is able to determine if a missed call is urgent or not, and in iOS 11, transcription accuracy will be improved.

Siri Will Have a More Natural Sound

Apple’s digital assistant will be improved with the help of a team from Cambridge, England and engineers are trying to make Siri sound more natural. In addition, rumors suggest that users will be able to give commands on social apps such as Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat.