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Tom Clancy’s The Division is still played by many gamers out there and Ubisoft is continuously releasing new patches, updates and content. We remind you that the game has been released back in March 2016 and even if it didn’t have the best launch, there are still many fans who enjoy playing it.

If you like playing in co-op mode, then we have some good news for you, as the new Legendary Difficulty has been added, which will make things even tougher than before. At the same time, missions have been completely re-worked in order to make them more challenging than before.

It seems that you will not fight the same enemies you usually fought in those missions. The developers have mentioned that the previous content has been completely taken out and replaced with a new one. It seems that the new AI enemies will use more advanced tactics against you and your team.

It seems that the new AI will react to your status effects and skills, and they will also be hard to hit because they will constantly keep a low profile. At the same time, the new AI will always try to flank you and you surely don’t want to get into melee range with them.

To make things even better, the developers have added new gear sets and exotics. The “named” gear piece and weapons will now be called “Exotics” and they’ve received their own color in the inventory. Each of these weapons come with their own unique talent and can be found in “Exotic Caches”, which are available as a weekly reward from Legendary difficulty missions.

This is quite strange, but it seems that the new update has brought micro-transaction system. It’s not clear yet how this will affect the overall content, but we are not very sure that the developers did well by bringing this type of shop in the game. Using the micro-transaction system you will be able to purchase Weapon skins, Backpack Skins, Clothing Items, Emotes and Bundles that contain items from any of the four categories we’ve mentioned.