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WhatsApp will possibly allow users to recall sent messages pretty soon as not only will give the ones who mistakenly send a message to recall it but it will also give users more control over their favorite messaging app. This feature will basically mean that every message can be deleted from the receiver’s device if it hasn’t been seen yet.

This function is heavily tested on the beta version of WhatsApp and the next update is surely going to arrive with it. WhatsApp is said to also implement the ability to not only delete the messages which have not been seen but edit them as well.

Features which are included in the beta version are generally going to be implemented right after developers are sure that they positively impact the way in which WhatsApp is being used and they are yet to issue a statement when this feature will be available for consumer release.

Notwithstanding these amazing editing tools, WhatsApp is also testing a completely new features which seems a little bit out of a James Bond movie which will make pretty much every friend of the list get in touch with you way easier.

This new feature is called Live Location Tracking and will permit users to send their contacts their current location which is permanently tracked via the device’s GPS in order to allow them to see one’s moving location with pinpoint accuracy. There is a catch however as they will only have access to this function for a limited amount of time, ranging from one to five minutes.

Coming as an addition to the already popular send your location feature which currently lets users to share their current position at any time they wish to do so. Fear not as you will probably not be continuously spied upon as WhatsApp will surely implement an option to turn these feature off for those who wish not to share their exact location.