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Niantic has just released patch 0.55.0 for Android and 1.25.0 for iOS, but at first sight, there are not major changes. Maybe when they’ll start playing Pokémon Go, gamers will discover many secrets that hide under the surface. Below we’ll tell you about what was included in the latest update of the game for each platform.

The developer has managed to improve game performance, as Pokémon Go will require less time to load on Android devices, but the update has also fixed an issue that prevented the Pokémon Go Plus wearable to work properly with Android devices. In addition, according to the change-log, integrated iOS wheelchair support was introduced for use with Apple Watch and there are minor text fixes.

These are the only changes that were mentioned in the patch notes, but some players wanted to dig deeper and they found some found details hidden under the surface. It seems that Pokémon Go on Android will no longer pause the music that players listen to, but there is also a “critical catch” that was discovered within the update code. It’s not sure what it means, but it may be related to an attack that does more damage, especially when planning a sneak attack.

Another reference was made to a new item called “candy reward” and players are speculating that it has to do with a bonus to drop rates /Buddy achievements. Dataminers that play Pokémon Go on Android have discovered another Gen 2 reference, as according to The Silph Road, “A new badge has appeared in the code!: and “This time just for Unown (Gen2 form) – which makes a ton of sense, if you ask us, as there’s a ton of them.”

The Pokémon Company will develop a second Pokémon Plus device that was already teased, and which will come with new safety features that will prevent players from being involved in all kinds of incidents while they’re outside, catching Pokémon.

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