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Today we will talk about the latest version of Google Play Services, but before we do that, we will explain you more about how it works.

We should mention that not many users know what Google Play Services is used for. First of all, we should mention that Google Play Services is NOT an application, as when you will try to open it, nothing will happen.

However, the Google Play Services is installed by default on all Android devices and it is used for regular updates, number of permissions and a lot of other stuff. For example, Google Play Services is able to access and control SMS, all information from Google Applications, sensitive log data and many more.

In other words, Google Play Services is an “application” that is linked directly to the Android system itself. It is a package of APIs (tools that assist programmers and allow applications to easily communicate with other applications) that makes sure that fewer applications are dependent upon Android updates in order to run.

This means that any version of Android, from Android 2.2 and up, can benefit from new features and applications, independent of updates to the OS. This means that Google Play Services makes sure that as many Android users can continue to enjoy this popular operating system without worrying about the version they have installed on their devices.

We should mention that that Google Play Services can be disabled, but we should don’t recommend this. It can be disabled by accessing your device’s Settings->Applications->All->Google Play Services->Disable. After disabling Google Play Services, the applications, including the ones related to Google, will not function properly, but there are high chances that some will not function at all.

Google Play Services 10.2.91

The new Google Play Services 10.2.91 that has just been released doesn’t come with any features or options. However, some bugs and issues that the developers have found in the previous build, have been fixed. This is the reason why we suggest you to update Google Play Services to version 10.2.91.