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A recent report revealed that Google is currently working on the development of the next Pixel phone, which made all the fans curious. According to 9to5Google, a new Pixel phone is in the works, based on one of their “reliable” sources. As it seems, one of the main attractions is the camera, on which the team plans to improve and to obtain better photographs in low light. In the recent years, both Samsung and Apple have been trying hard to be the best at low-light photography.

Besides the anticipated silicon/processor improvement, it seems that another goal of the team is to get better at the water resistance. This is in fact a weak point of the first Pixel, and there were some complaints about it. Moreover, the report says that we will also receive a budgeted version of Pixel, codenamed “Pixel 2B”. In general, the budget phones are marketed towards developing economies.

However, there are also some disclaimers in the report. It says that the phone is still early in its development and that any information which is speculated now might turn out to be false or inaccurate until the release date of the device. Moreover, despite the accuracy of the source of the report, there is a possibility that Google may already work on the second gen device.

It is also possible that the device may come with better silicon and better camera, something to be expected given the general trends in this industry. The holiday sales for Pixel were quite high, since the Pixel phones represent 12.3% of the phone activations made with Verizon, according to a report published by Bloomberg. Moreover, some stores did not manage to cover the demand they had. Even so, there is no official report or research to show exactly how many devices were shipped, and Google doesn’t seem to want to release any figures.

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