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This week Verizon rolled out several updates for their phones and tablets, which is great news for fans and users. Even though most of them are just minor updates, most people seemed quite confused about what is going to change and what not, so read on if you need some clarifications. However, the updates are available only for the Galaxy Tab S2, one model of the G Pad series, Moto Z and LG G5.

  • For Moto Z and Moto Z Force – Verizon released the software version NCL25.86-11-4-6; According to the information they provided, this update increases the notifications volume level so as to match the one used in the original software;
  • Moto Z Play, Samsung Galaxy Note 4, Note Edge and S5 – the update is being rolled out, but the company did not update the information on it yet, so we will have to wait a little longer;
  • LG G5 – receives the software version VS98727A, which represents just a security patch;
  • LG G Pad 8.3 – version VK81039A, which is also just a security patch;
  • LG G Pad 10.1 – version VK70027A, a security patch.

Needless to say, many fans are curious to see what changes the team is going to bring and what updates they will be releasing in the future. However, there is still some information missing about the Galaxy Note 4, Note Edge and Galaxy S5, so people are not sure yet what the update presupposes.

Despite the noble intention, it seems that many people were actually disappointed that there is no substantial change or addition found in the new updates. They were expecting Verizon to work on much more important issues, but there is still hope for the future updates. Moreover, it remains to be seen whether Verizon will be taking into account the users’ advice when it comes to improvements.

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