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Resident Evil 7 just came out recently and a lot of people seem to be finding it quite challenging, which is a good thing. Many like to succeed by failing 100 times prior to it, but some want to get to the chase and find out how they can beat certain areas. If you’re looking for help with the Testing Area, Lucas Password or handling the molded in the barn, you’ve come to the right place. We will be guiding you through all three and giving you a little push on how to advance. Let’s begin.

The Testing Area

The testing area is a zone you can access after acquiring both red and blue key cards that open it. These cards are located in the master bedroom and the kid room. Once you have them, you can advance to the testing area where you will need to investigate a TV set. Doing this will cause a cinematic to pop up. After the cinematic, take the corridor and look for a herb that you need to pick up.

As you advance, you will get to an area that holds two tripwires. You need to shoot them from range so they blow up without harming you. You can find ammo in this area as well. The next area will also have tripwires, be weary of the door and desk in the area. There are crates you will find around here, but one will explode if you try to open it.

The Lucas Password

Once you approach the locked door and Lucas gives you three pass codes, enter any of them then move back quickly. This will save your life and allow you to approach the lock again and enter one of the other codes. The second time around the door will open and you can advance.

Barn encounter

Advancing will get you to the barn. Before the barn however, there are three regular molded that you need to take out so that the encounter in the barn is easier. Take them out one by one. Explore the area for items ( there are all kinds of ammo and items around here). The battery for the console that you will find is located up the steps. Once you insert the battery, the molded encounter will begin. This molded is different and bigger than the regular ones.

Here, you just want to shoot him it in the head with either the shotgun or grenade launched until it explodes. You need to keep your distance. To do this ,you can use the piles of hay.