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Pokemon Go enthusiasts are in for a treat as Niantic Labs issued yet another important update to the already popular game which reveals a lot of future plans regarding expansion from the Japanese tech giant.  The latest versions for both Android and iOS users added a couple of new improvements to the game and performance improvements to the game.

Improving overall performance updates including the likes of the reduced starting load time and connectivity issues for Pokemon Go Plus accessory for Android users as well as integrating iOS wheelchair support for those who play the game with Apple watch. Some minor text fixes were also added to the game.

A wide array of future plans were hidden away from player’s sight but thanks to the people at the Silph Road Reddit, a whole range of secrets were uncovered, including the likes of a new badge appearing in the code. Some new requirements also appeared such as an “evolution requirement” as well as “inventory upgrade”. Redditors also found a new item named “candy award” which hints to a whole new class of items being on the way.

There were also a lot of rumors reporting that Pokemon Go is going to be made available on a whole new device. Notwithstanding that the Pokemon Go Plus is in high demand, Niantic have partnered with Nintendo in order to deliver a new device which can enable players enjoy the hit game whilst being more safe and aware of their surroundings.

Nintendo are widely known for their plans of expansions over new areas and their aim is to improve the way health and lifestyle are improved while playing a game. Niantic is also rumored to release another wave of Pocket Monsters into the wild due to the introduction of Johto baby Pokemon.

This can also be regarded as a teaser from Niantic regarding a new wave of Pokemon being released but it can also be thought of being just a marketing strategy. We can only wait in order to see what the Japanese giant will have in store for us and their partnership with Nintendo will only bring in loads of exciting content to enjoy.