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The Pokemon Go music theme can become a little bit of a rut judging by the fact that players were only available to listen to it while they were playing Niantic’s hit game. Android users are no longer under the risk of dying of boredom because the new update enabled them to enjoy whatever music they might like in the latest update.

Niantic Labs made it possible for them to play their favorite songs which replaced the silence while they were hunting for Pokemon or competing in gyms. Niantic released the update for both iOS and Android platforms but it seems that only Android users received the ability to play whatever music they wish to because those who play Pokemon Go on iOS already had this option.

Players who own an Apple device compatible with Pokemon Go enjoyed listening to their own tunes ever since version 1.23.x and now Android has joined the party. The fact that players had their music paused whenever the app was launched having to listen to the never ending music loop caused some discontent and did not sit well with them.

Niantic cannot take the full blame for forcing Android users to go through the music loop because this problem was entirely due to a bug in the Unity 3D engine. Unity released a fix a few weeks back but Niantic decided not to roll it out until now. There is a catch with this update as the app considerably lowers down the level, perhaps to make players focus more on their surroundings.

Not only has the latest update brought the ability to play various tunes for Android users but it also reduced the starting load time on the respective devices as well as resolved some issues regarding connectivity for those who use accessories whilst playing the game. Other additions include the likes of integrated iOS wheelchair support for those who play the game via Apple as well as some minor text fixes. Watch