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Recently Niantic has released the patch notes for the 0.55.0 update on the game for Android, respectively 1.25.0 update for iOS. They did the announcement on Facebook, and people were curious to find out what will they still get. No major updates were announced, but it seems that this year we will receive more future updates.

According to the patch notes, it seems that the main problems that have been solved are the following:

  • The starting load time on Android devices has been reduced;
  • Wheelchair support has been integrated with iOS for using Apple Watch;
  • Minor text fixes;
  • Android connectivity issues related to the Pokemon GO Plus accessories have been fixed.

It seems that Niantic is planning to update the game in time, and many people are taking wild guesses when it comes to some new content. The major features were not released by now and not even announced, so fans are hoping greater things will come their way. Despite the plunge the game took in the last months, there are still millions of people playing the game all around the world.

Fans seemed to be quite satisfied with the new changes, though many of them reproached the developers that they keep bringing “minor text fixes” for quite a while. In the comments section on Facebook, where they published the patch notes, there were some other fans who appreciated the fact that Niantic actually cares about the small details and tries to improve the overall performance through them.

However, many fans also suggested other improvements that the team should take care of, such as the music volume remaining the same when opening the game, GPS issues when it comes to cycling and hatching eggs at the same time and many more. The main critique Facebook users brought is that the game became boring, but it remains to be seen whether Niantic will listen to their complaints or not.