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WhatsApp is probably the most used messaging apps in the world. It enables users to stay connected to friends from around the world with instant messaging which is offered free of charge. It also enables its users to make video and voice calls. The app enjoys a lot of convenience as well as simple functionality.

In order to improve the app’s functionality there are some hidden features which should be taken into account. Not only does it allow its users to hide their status as well as some important features which will be further exemplified here.

Group Chats And Broadcasts

Users are able to see both Broadcast Lists as well as New Groups listed under the Chats tab. Broadcast Lists allow users to message multiple contacts at the same time whilst the New Groups options allow users to create a group with more than one person. The difference between the both is that when one broadcasts a message, the receivers cannot see the contents between each other and when you group people together everybody can see and reply to the respective message.

Desktop App

WhatsApp has a desktop app which completes the mobile one, at the same time mirroring it. In order for it to be accessed, users have to go to the Settings tab and select WhatsApp Web/Desktop. The camera will scan a QR code and log into your chat to continue any conversation with other users from the desktop platform.

Hide Last Seen and Status

Users can mingle with their privacy as they can hide when you were last seen as well as profile photo and status. These features can be enabled via the Settings menu and Account whilst selecting the Privacy option.

Save Your Conversations

Those who are using the app heavily can now save their most important conversations which are easily accessed further on. One can swipe left to any chat and select Archive. In order to see the chats which have been saved swipe down in the chat tab and select Archived Chat.