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Google Maps is a very popular application that’s used by many users all over the world. The application contains accurate maps from 220 countries and territories, which means that you will be able to travel using this application with ease.

The downside of Google Maps is that it needs to be connected to the internet to work, but there are ways to save part of the map so that you can use it in offline mode. Google Maps also features live traffic conditions, incident reports and it will automatically try to find a secondary route to get you faster to the destination. The application features street view and indoor imagery, but it also contains GPS guided navigation, which will make your life easier while driving the car in a crowded city.

You can also search for hotels, gas stations and other points of interest (POI) locations that you want to find. To make things even better, you are able to leave a feedback about a specific location along with a picture attached to it (optional).

We have to mention that the size of the application is based on the version of your Android OS. It seems that the newer the Android OS version is, the larger the Google Maps app is.

Google Maps 9.45.0: Features

  • Accurate maps in 220 countries and territories;
  • Voice-guided GPS navigation for walking, biking and driving;
  • Transit directions and maps for over 15000 cities and towns;
  • Live traffic conditions, incident reports and automatic re-routing to find the fastest route;
  • Detailed information about over 100 million places;
  • Street view and indoor imagery for hotels, restaurants, museums and more.

Are you using Google Maps on your Android device? Tell us your thoughts about this awesome GPS application! Did it help you reach your destination without any problems?