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Windows 10 operators are a little discontent as Microsoft is sending a whole lot of spam mails when it comes to loading a Personal Shopping Assistant as a feature for Google Chrome. The software behemoth is currently delivering their spam messages via pop-ups which show up out of the taskbar.

The pop-up is to be found directly above of the Chrome symbol within the taskbar and its main goal is to make price comparisons over the internet. Users are prompted to install the PSA addon and users are not quite happy that they are being forced to do so unwillingly.

The addon is fairly outdated as it already is 12 months old but it can be regarded as a good piece of software which does the job of comparing prices from around the web in order for you not to hassle with browsing multiple website in order to get the best deal out of a certain product.

Microsoft however didn’t take into account that perhaps some users do not want to benefit from this feature and Microsoft are yet to release a statement regarding this phenomenon. The tactic of force installing the pop-up has caused a lot of anger amongst users who actually gave in to the spam and installed the addon only to further complain on Google Chrome’s store service after they’ve uninstalled the PSA plugin.

Microsoft didn’t anticipate these reactions and it comes as no surprise. This concern comes straight after the mid-2016 complaints from Microsoft Windows 10 users who got notifications concerning the Chrome browser eroding the battery on their respective devices.

This was perhaps a move from Microsoft to force its users to adopt Microsoft Edge, their homegrown browser and ditch their old ones. Microsoft is perhaps looking to make users completely disregard other browser services and install their own products instead.

This is just a presumption as we are not yet sure of what is Microsoft intending to do with their aggressive marketing campaign and we are just to wait and see if the software giant is going to release a statement about these unfortunate series of events.