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Microsoft has made its users accustomed to the update schedule in the sense that everyone knows a new Insider build is going to drop every month. That time has come around again, and the new Windows 10 build which features the number 14392.726 has been made available for certain users.

To get a hold of this build, you need to be one of the Windows users that have access to the developer’s Release Preview ring. This is one of the phases through which a build goes before it actually reaches the end users. In fact, this is one of the phases it has to go through so it may reach another phase. And if it passed that phase, it moves on to the end user.

This process might seem a bit tedious since we’re talking about what can be referred to as minor patches, but a company like Microsoft needs to have full control of its product so that it may ensure a certain level of quality. Having a build jump through so many hoops can only raise the quality of that specific build.

The latest patch that hit the Release Preview ring is not a big one. Actually, it’s quite small in terms of what it brings to the table. If you’re looking for anything flashy, you will probably be a bit disappointed. The update is a minor one and its main focus is bug squashing and error fixing. Although it doesn’t sound as interesting as some new cool feature, bug and error removal is a crucial part of the process.

Without it, you wouldn’t be able to enjoy those new features in the first place. Having a thorough “extermination” ensures that when the cool features do get released, it will be on a stable and secure platform that won’t cause any trouble.