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According to the latest news, the Minecraft version on Xbox One and Xbox 360 will receive the Title Update 48. The patch notes show that besides lots of bug fixes, this update will bring 18 achievements. For now, the patch was sent to Microsoft and if it receives the certification, it should be soon available on the platforms.

For the Xbox One, it seems that the company took care of lots of issues reported by players:

  • The issue with the Slab blocks not blocking light is fixed;
  • Horses not jumping to the right height – fixed;
  • Blazes not dropping Glowstone Dust upon death – fixed;
  • The drop rate of Gold Nuggets was also fixed;
  • If you re-enter a tutorial area while you are playing the Tutorial, the chests will be reset;
  • Tamed Ocelots being hostile to whatever they were attacking before they got tamed – fixed;
  • Enderman not being damaged by rain while in a Boat – fixed;
  • Many improvements to the framerate when you throw many Lingering Potions;
  • Some changes to the Battle Mini Game maps (closing off areas that shouldn’t be accessed);
  • Adding a particle and sound effect in the moment when a mob spawner doesn’t spawn because of limits.

You can find many more details in the patch notes. Meanwhile, on the list for Xbox 360 we can find similar additions, together with others such as:

  • Chickens not dropping Cooked Chicken upon dying on fire – fixed;
  • Zombie Pigmen not fropping Gold Ingots upon dying – fixed;
  • Crash when spawning too many Shulkers removed;
  • The lighting issues when you are digging down in the spawn area are fixed;
  • Various tooltips that appeared when the action was not available are fixed;
  • Fixes for the End Gateway generation;
  • Crash on placing a Sign on the Tall Grass is removed;
  • New 11 achievements in Survival and 7 new ones for Tumble.