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The LG G5 model has been out on the market for a year now, and the company is already working on the next product, the LG G6. For the moment, we don’t know much about the specs, but there are lots of rumors and speculations going around. One of the last leaks is actually an image of the phone on its side.

If you look at the history of their release dates, LG will launch their new flagship device at the beginning of this year. Since they missed the CES event in the beginning of January in Las Vegas, people assume they will do it at the MWC, which will take place in Barcelona towards the end of March. There are no leaks about the price of the upcoming device, but since it is going to be a premium model, it should cost around $699.

PhoneArena reports that LG is thinking of removing the old battery design. However, this is a unique element, given that almost all the other smartphones are made entirely of metal. At the same time, it seems that LG will keep the 3.5 mm headphone jack, which is an original decision if you think about the fact that Samsung is rumored to follow Apple’s example and remove it on the S8 flagship.

Chosun, a Korean site, talked about more interesting features of the future LG G6. As it seems, the company will choose a flat screen instead of a curved one, going against the tendencies of the moment. Moreover, LG will be adopting a new technology that will recharge the metal smartphone with the help of remote induction (maximum 7 cm). Another often encountered rumor is the fact that the aluminum shell of the device will have a tempered glass cover, which is great news for the fans.