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Rockstar Games managed to create one of the longest running and highest successful game franchises when it launched the first Grand Theft Auto Game. Now that there are already five installments in the GTA franchise and that the last one was really successful it’s easy to understand why GTA has such a huge fan following. In fact, GTA 5 managed to sell over 20 millions of copies worldwide and GTA Online is still generating huge amounts of profits for Rockstar Games.

Which such a huge fan following, it shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone that GTA 6 is one of the most highly anticipated games. In fact, the internet is buzzing with rumors regarding the upcoming GTA installment even though Rockstar Games has yet to confirm any details.

New Map

Even though Rockstar Games is keeping its mouth shut, there are some reoccurring rumors which seem liable and today we’re going to go over them together. First off, GTA 6 will come with a brand new map. Traditionally, Rockstar Games places the games action in a US city but this time rumor has it that the game company has changed its mind and wants to move everything to a foreign location. The two main contenders are London and Tokyo because both cities fit the GTA crime theme.

Female Protagonist

As previously stated, GTA 5 was the most popular game in the franchise and the main reason behind that is because Rockstar Games finally introduced more than one protagonist in the game with Trevor, Franklin and Michael. Now GTA 6 is expected to come with an even bigger protagonists change. The main character is expected to be female and this is very likely to happen since Rockstar Games has received its fair share of flak for the way women are portrayed in its games.

Release Date

Regarding the game’s release date, we can’t know anything for sure. Because Rockstar Games is a large company it has other projects it needs to focus on and not just the GTA franchise. In fact, Rockstar Games recently announced that Red Dead Redemption 2 will be coming out in Fall 2017. So, GTA fans will more than likely have to wait a few additional years until GTA 6 comes out.