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Getting to your destination has never been easier with such a wide array of options to take into consideration. Google Maps have added yet another interesting feature which enables its users to hail an Uber without even needing to leave the app.

When you have to go somewhere, opening the Uber app is not necessary anymore. Take into account though that all of your apps must be up to date and one has to be logged on the Uber account. As soon as someone opens the Google Maps app, an option to call an Uber should be available.

The principle of ordering an Uber is basically the same as one has to type in the destination and then map it out. Once the route is selected, enter the transportation option which is found on the top of the screen. A stick figure which holds a briefcase should be available and then you have to click it.

By doing so, a pop-up screen should appear which have the role of estimating prices as well as waiting timers for Uber and Lyft. They all show up as results but Uber now has the option of making the transaction without the user needing to leave the Google Maps app.

Bear in mind that you have to link Uber to your Google account in order to see the tiny car icon. If one decides to book the ride, the car will slowly start moving to your location and a pop-up screen will notify the user that the ride has been booked.

The driver can be contacted directly from the Google Maps app. The same principle is available for those who want to cancel their current booked rides within Google Maps as well. A notification will be sent when the car arrives just like from within the Uber app. The only instance in which one has to use the Uber app is when he or she wants to rate the driver.

In order to make the service more popular, Uber decided to offer anyone who makes use of this service by offering $15 for their first Uber ride booked by using Google Maps. The service is available on both Android and iOS platforms.