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The Elder Scrolls game franchise is one of the longest running and most successful ones ever. Taking in consideration that there are already five installments in the franchise, it’s easy to see how The Elder Scrolls managed to gather such a massive fan following. Additionally, Skyrim which is the last installment is one of the most successful RPG themed games on both console and PC platforms. The game is still being played to this day, especially since Bethesda launched a re-mastered edition of it during 2016.

Seeing how much success Bethesda has been having with The Elder Scrolls franchise it comes as a surprise that the game company isn’t in a hurry to create another installment. We think it’s safe to say that if Bethesda does decide to launch The Elder Scrolls 6 this day, without any advertisement the game would sell faster than hot bread.

With that being said, the question that sits in everyone’s mind right now is why isn’t Bethesda focusing on this game franchise. Well, the answer is quite simple Bethesda has other projects which are being developed right now. While not everyone might know this, Bethesda is the creator of the critically acclaimed Fallout franchise. During 2015 Bethesda launched Fallout 4 and this game, same as with Skyrim, got the whole gaming community riled up. Now that the VR market is booming, Bethesda wants to capitalize on that by creating a full VR edition of Fallout 4 and this is one of the reasons why The Elder Scrolls 6 is not being developed right now.

Another important factor to why The Elder Scrolls 6 is being pushed back is because the developers behind the game want to change things up and implement new technology in the game. The main speculation is that Bethesda wants to introduce artificial intelligence in the game. The only problem with this is that the necessary technology isn’t out yet. Bethesda’s official development team actually confirmed this. What we can get from this is that we might have to wait a couple of years before we can get our hands on The Elder Scrolls 6.