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Thanks to the Windows 10 Creators Update, a free upgrade is expected to be released this spring for the Windows 10 users. According to Microsoft, gamers will notice that their games will run faster and smoother than before.

It seems that the company has added a new element in the update called “Game Mode”. It is a nice tool, which can be enabled manually, allowing your computer to know that you want to prioritize a game. In other words, the computer will use all its resources to try to run the game as good as possible by removing the CPU and RAM usage from other applications/tools that you don’t use while playing.

Enabling Game Mode

To enable the “Game Mode” is quite easy, as you will just need to open the Windows 10’s Settings and you will notice a “Gaming” subsection that incorporates the operating system’s game-related options, including Game DVR, Broadcasting tabs, Game bar overlay and more. For the moment, “Game Mode” can just be enabled or disabled from the Settings or by hitting the “Windows+G” buttons to open the game bar.

Microsoft claims that once you enable “Game Mode”, the system will prioritize both CPU and GPU performance in order to make that particular game to run as smooth as possible. The company has mentioned that some games may allow you to enable the “Game Mode”, while others will not even recognize it.

We think that Microsoft is now trying to lure more gamers to Windows 10 by bringing this new feature. If this feature will prove that it is doing its job well, then we are sure that many gamers will start ditching the Windows 7/Windows 8 for Windows 10 OS. And since the free-upgrading option has ended, it means that the gamers will need to purchase the Windows 10 OS now.