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Waze is a maps application that has garnered quite the following since it was first introduced to the world. Through Waze, you can get a considerable amount of details about the place where you want to go, the place you’re already at and of course, everything in between. You can deduce that this sort of application can come in handy quite often. More or less, depending on how well you know a particular route, Waze will be of use to you.

Waze’s strength comes not only from giving directions, but also from giving out valuable details about the road. Through other Waze users, you can learn a lot about factors that come into play when talking road trips. If there was an accident on your route or if the traffic is heavier than usual, you can find out about it from Waze users that give fellow Waze users a heads up. The application is built to accommodate such things, and make sure that you are always prepared for your journey, and also for the unexpected for that matter.

In order to experience the full power of Waze, you need to be online and have a stable internet connection. However, if you don’t necessarily need all the extra details and just require directions, you can save any particular map ahead of time into your device. This will give you the ability of pulling that map up whenever you need it and get the directions. Even if there’s no internet connection, you can operate Waze as an upgraded version of traditional maps that people used to carry in the dashboard of their car.

If you do attempt to use Waze offline however, make sure you download the map locally first, and that you do it ahead of time so that it is prepared.

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