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A New Year is upon us and just like the tech-filled 2016, the New Year is promising some interesting releases. There are several opportunities each year for manufacturers to bring out their best work and win over the crowd. One of these opportunities has recently passed, in the form of the CES event.

The next one on the list is MWC 2017 which is slated to debut on the 26th of February in Barcelona, Spain. The event will feature all the major developers and manufacturers and you can bet on seeing some really cool devices being introduced to the public for the very first time. Even if they’re not going to be present at MWC, there are already announced devices that will be launched in 2017. Let’s take a look at the most promising handsets 2017 has to offer.

iPhone 8

Just like any other year in the past 10, Apple is gracing us with an iPhone. When it comes to iPhones people generally tend to either love them or hate them, but the ones that love them are no doubt a very large gathering. Apple’s iPhone 8 will see the light of day in 2017 and will bring some interesting features. It is rumored that the handset will feature a dual-screen and that it will come without some traditional elements such as the Home button or 3.5 mm jack.

Samsung Galaxy S8 and Note 8

Samsung, similarly to Apple, brings out a new reason for people to empty their wallets each year. Its Galaxy S and Galaxy Note series are among the most popular available on the smartphone market. This year, they will be both reaching device number 8 in the series, each with its own set of characteristics and fan-pleasers. The last Note device released was pretty much a fiasco, so Samsung is expected to come out with something extra special this year in compensation.

LG, HTC, Nokia, OnePlus, Xiaomi and Sony

Samsung and Apple won’t be turning MWC 2017 into their own personal battleground. There will be a ton of manufacturers there, showcasing their latest devices. Sony is expected to bring out something new, while Asian players Xiaomi and OnePlus will look to further bolster their popularity in mainstream smartphone culture. A Nokia comeback is expected as well, followed by LG and HTC releases. All in all, 2017 is packed with high end smartphones.