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A team of tech professionals have recently stated that Google Play saw the addition of an allegedly battery app which is nothing alike, in fact it comes equipped with some dangerous ransomware which is specifically designed to drain bank accounts with extreme ease.

The guys behind Check Point Mobile Threat Prevention said that this specific malware needs to have admin access to the device and once that permission is granted it will make use of your GPS location and then automatically locks down the device by making contacts and SMS messaging unavailable.

In order to unlock the device, the user is then asked to pay an amount of money to deactivate ransomware and further threatened that they will have their personal information stolen in the benefit of performing bank fraud and spam activities.

The ransomware states that the user will have to pay up or else they will leak private information about the user on the black market once every thirty minutes. The ransomware will demand for 0.2 Bitcoin to be paid, which currently is worth about $183. After the payment the cyber attackers behind the ransomware are promising to unlock the device.

Check Point has stated that no payment for such ransomware was made to the registered Bitcoin address thus rendering the operation pretty useless. The security house has already reported the unfortunate breach to Google and they’ve quickly reacted in order to solve the issue.

Google has stated that they appreciate Check Point’s efforts as they’ve reported the issue and further noted that they will closely work with the research team in order to make sure that every Android device user is safe from such attacks.

The reason behind the malware appearing into the Play Store remains uncertain. It is believed that malware developers sneaked in by wrapping their malicious software within the install APKs of other legitimate software including the likes of utilities and games.

Bear in mind that every Android user should double and even triple check an app’s legitimacy before even starting downloading it to make sure that they are in no danger of being attacked.

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