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Smartphone issues are a dime a dozen. There are a million things that can go wrong within a smartphone so users can get frustrated when their handsets malfunction and yet they have no idea what the problem can be. Often times people rely on expensive tech shops to solve the issue, meaning that they have to spend more money just to able to use the device they paid for anyway.

By activating Safe Mode, you are able to put your device into what is referred to as a diagnostic mode. This mode will allow the device to virtually “scan” for issues and detect what kind of error is causing the phone to act funny. Surely you have encountered situations where your handset would run slower than usual, or even turn off unexpectedly. While you were able to solve this problem without Safe Mode (Or maybe you didn’t), activating this manufacturer-enabled feature can help you get back to your normal ways sooner. Here’s how you can turn on your device in Safe Mode.

  • The first step is to turn off the device. You must shut it down so that a new booting sequence can begin and give you the opportunity of putting your phone into Safe Mode;
  • Next up hold down the Power button on your device, until it comes back to life. Don’t let go of it until you see the Samsung logo flashing onscreen;
  • When that happens, release the Power button and turn to the Volume Down key. Hold that one down as long as necessary, until you see the visual confirmation that Safe Mode has been activated on your Galaxy S7. The lower left corner should be where the confirmation appears after as much as 45 seconds.

Now that your Galaxy S7 is in safe mode, feel free to test out any part of the handset’s functionality and feature set. This is the best time to notice whether something is wrong or not.