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Minecraft saw the release of an Education Edition and comes along with a lot of useful tools for teachers and educators to use both in and out of the game. Children will be amazed by this addition as the already popular game from Mahjong is looking to entertain those in the educational system as well.

Having sold more than 25 million units on the PC/ Mac platforms irrespective of console or mobile sales which add up to a whopping 100 million total copies sold as of June 2016, Minecraft has enjoyed popularity beyond imagination. Not only has it moved its status from “hit game” but it got to grow in what people are calling a cultural phenomenon as it is played by people of all ages.

Minecraft: Education Edition added thousands of new users and gave teachers the opportunity of engaging students in the learning process easier. The 1.0 toolset is ready to be installed in schools or at home and it promises to deliver a lot of useful information for children to enjoy in a way which is a lot more attractive than the typical learning process.

Teachers have the option of using pre-made worlds for a lot of learning purposes which cover a wide array of how things work, ranging from windmills or ecology to the function of the human eye. Microsoft and Mojang have recruited over 60 educators which regularly post on their blogs how to make use of their worlds and create lesson plans in accordance to the subject taught.

Not only does it bring some mechanical quality, but the game can be built a lot more in order to make room for some projects of great complexity. The worlds in which children are learning can be easily shared among them so that they benefit from a strong teaching strategy. Not only will Minecraft prove to be a great education asset but it will also see a large amount of sales just because of this amazing addition.