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Google has a good amount of products and services, but it seems that it always finds time to update each one of them. Today we will talk about the latest Google Docs update that has been released for Android and iOS.

We should remind you that after 5 years, Google Voice has received a complete overhaul this Monday. At the same time, Google has announced that JavaScript will be banned from Gmail. The company has now announced that it will start rolling a new update for both Google Docs and Google Sheets on Android, which will give users more options for editing their documents.

Google has explained on its blog that the Google Docs users on Android tablets and smartphones will now be able to insert and edit footers and headers, but also drag and drop text anywhere in a document. To make things even better, the new photo editing tools will allow the Android users to resize, rotate and move images in the application. And that’s not all, as you will be able to adjust the text wrapping and border style of an image.

At the same time, Google Docs users on iOS will receive a few new features. First of all, they will notice a new option that allows them to insert footers and headers. At the same time, they will notice a new option that they can use to insert page numbers within footers or headers and the ability to change the orientation, color or size of a page in Docs. Google Sheets users on iOS will also be able to insert and edit a variety of borders.

As we’ve told you above, the updates for the Google Docs application on Android and iOS have already begun. This means that you can install/update the newest version of the application by opening the Google Play Store (on Android) or App Store (on iOS) and searching for it.