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Google Earth might have a new update for its avid users. Since it is one of the most loved products of Mountain View, there is another version that should come in handy, the Google Earth Pro. Good thing though is that it is now available for download free. It can be recalled that the Pro version of Google Earth would cost around $400. Here are things that you can do when you have this app on your mobile devices.

Solve Potential Property Disputes

If in case you are wondering about an easier way to solve a property dispute, then you have come to the right place. Basically, this app would act as the all-seeing arbiter for such disputes. This will be able to define property boundaries through the parcel data. This will enable to determine the owner of the land and it comes with a unique ID, which can be searchable via its built-in search function.

Strategic Way to Avoid Traffic

Living in a neighborhood with heavy traffic going to your office can be a very stressful condition to be. With Google Earth Pro, you will be able to manage this situation without spending a penny. All you need is to install the Google Earth Pro and you will be able to get real-time data essential when driving a vehicle.

Getting to Places and Sharing Them

You might have visited a few beautiful places in your lifetime, but not many people can access all of them. This is when Google Earth Pro comes in to the rescue. You can virtually visit places that you can share with your friends about it. This is because you can now record your journey even on a street view level.

You can also access these features and more by simply downloading the free version of Google Earth Pro on your mobile devices, PC or Mac.