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Clash Royale is a freemium card video game that has been developed and published by Supercell. This developer has also released the popular Clash of Clans game, which is currently one of the most played strategy mobile games out there. Clash Royale is combining elements from collectible card games, multiplayer online battle arena and tower defense. The game has been released back in March 2016 for mobile devices running on iOS or Android.

Clash Royale will receive some new cards, which we’re pretty sure that many of you want to get as soon as possible. Today we will talk about how you can do that and how it can be done as fast as possible.

On the day of the release, you will notice a special offer in the shop that allows you to spend gems to get the new cards. However, keep in mind that this offer lasts for only one day, which means that you don’t purchase them then… you will have a hard time getting time using the “normal” way.

In order to find a new card, you will have to use Giant, Magical and Super Magical Chests. It doesn’t matter if the card is common, rare or epic, these three chests can contain them. However, keep in mind that you should NOT open these chests immediately after the card releases, because you will be able to get 1 copy of that card. Instead, you will do something else, which is to unlock it using a Crown chest, Free Chest or Silver Chest. If you do it this way, your special chest will give you more of that card!

The other way to get the new card is by getting a Clan Chest or Challenge Chests. We remind you that you will firstly have to wait for the new cards to be added to the game and, after that, open the chests!