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After launching the Clash of Clans December 2016 Update, Supercell continued working on the game quietly. The only announcement that was made recently has disappointed the owners of selected Apple devices, because the company will cancel support to them. Meanwhile, many rumors about the game have been debunked, but fans want to know when they’ll see a new update in 2017.

Bad news for the owners of Apples devices running on iOS 6 and lower who like playing Clash of Clans! Supercell will stop supporting them because of some technical reasons that the developer is no longer capable to control and the gamers are advised to upgrade to a newer iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch, if they want to continue playing Clash of Clans.

Various websites have been sharing leaks about Dark Tower, Air Blaster and Mini Spell Factory, but because it was discovered that they contained false information, they were easily debunked, but now, Supercell is dealing with a huge problem, after vBulletin, the tool that it is used for its official forum, has been hacked and the attackers got their hands on a large number of user logins that contain encrypted passwords. In order to avoid any unpleasant situations, gamers were advised to change their passwords.

In January, the game had two events: the Jump Spell promotion, according to which the Elixir cost was reduced to 2,300, based on level, and the Wizard event that took place last weekend and which challenged players to use wizards. As for the upcoming update that Supercell has for iOS, it will be optional and it will bring bug fixes and the overall game experience will be improved. Also, the winter theme introduced in the December 2016 update will be removed, because soon, spring will come there is no point in keeping the old theme.

It’s not sure when the new update will arrive, but on iDevices it will work on version iOS 7 or higher.

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