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Clash of Clans is a game that receives updates regularly and today we will talk about a new event that has just started. The weekend of the Witch has just kicked off on the mentioned game, which comes with training discounts and a new special challenge that you have to complete. At the same time, next week the “Healing spell” promotion will begin, where the users will be able to purchase cheap “Healing spell” and use them while raiding.

However, first of all, we will talk about the ongoing Witch event. It seems that this new event has reduced the cost of Witches, which means that you will most likely see many gamers using this troop on their raids.

To make things even better, the price of the Witches will depend on the Town Hall level, because if the TH level is higher, the price of the witches will be much lower. You can also get some free gems and experience by completing the challenge that this event has come with. You will just need three multiplayer battles with at least one Witch in your forces. By doing this, you will get 30 gems and 300 experience. We should mention that the Witch Event will end on late Sunday.

Next week, on Tuesday, the Healing Spell event will begin. Unfortunately, we don’t have much information about this event, but, given past events, we think that the Healing spell will be significantly reduced. Unfortunately, the developers will probably not bring a challenge to the game.

If you are new to Clash of Clans, we can assure you that these two events will help you a lot. We suggest you to train and use Witches in your battles during this weekend, as they are very cheap. Starting from Tuesday, you can use Healing Spell on all your raids, to make sure that your troops stay alive until they destroy the entire village.