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Avira is probably the best antivirus software around as it is fast, effective as well as well-designed. Going online without having an antivirus might lead to some unwanted consequences, some being quite problematic as getting infected with malicious software will lead to loss of personal information such as credit card details as well as compromising precious data.

Avira Free Antivirus is extremely fast and comes up with a lot of options to protect your computer and it also ranks high when it comes to the ease of use. Not only does it minimize an icon in your system so one can carry one with work but it also has an approach which doesn’t bother the user. When installed, the product will perform a scan in the background of your system in order to make sure that your device stays protected whilst the software has finished installing.

The antivirus can be accessed by clicking the system tray in the control panel. Most of its functions such as system speedup and phantom VPN are available as trials which can be later purchased but its main feature, that of virus protection and browser safety is free of charge and can be used for as long as the software is installed on the computer.

Avira will protect anyone from phishing attacks and will display warnings if such cases occur. It will also check the legitimacy of every site browsed. The software comes equipped with a simple to use menu which is extremely user friendly and has options for real-time protection, performing a manual scan as well as automatically checking for updates and making use of the computer’s own firewall to make sure that no malicious software affects your system.

If malicious software is detected, it will be quarantined and users have the option of either permanently removing the file from their systems or restore it if one is a hundred per cent sure that the scan concluded the file as being a false positive. Avira Virus Lab offers a big database of such files in order for you to make sure that the right decision is made.

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