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Microsoft has announced the Windows 10 Creator’s Update back in October, when it released the Surface Studio. The upcoming update will bring many new features, as usual, and one of them is dedicated to gamers who like to play games on their PC. Today we’ll talk about the Game Mode feature that has appeared in the latest builds of the Windows 10 Insider Preview.

This new feature will improve the overall gaming experience and it will be an optional setting that will work with both Win32 games and UWP games. However, while a Win32 game is boundless, there are limits for running a UWP game, and users will have a better experience when playing UWP games.

The full Game Mode experience will be available with the latest Fast Ring preview and when enabled, it will dedicate more of the processor and GPU time to games when they will be played in the foreground. Kevin Gammill, Partner Group Program Manager, Xbox Platform, was interviewed and he assured fans that this feature will reduce stops and stutters when the action will be more intense in the game.

How Will It Work?

Game Mode’s role is to se the CPU core affinity and CPU resources will be maximized in order to offer a better gaming experience. Also, the feature will set the thread priority, which isn’t something new, but it’s indicated to enable it on-the-fly automatically. Unfortunately for background activities that put pressure on processor will suffer, as apps’ system resources will be diminished.

Users will have the possibility to enable or disable Game Mode depending on their needs, and this feature will have a great collaboration with other technology dedicated to gaming on PC, such as NVIDIA’s GeForce Experience. Game Mode is expected to appear today, in the Fast Ring build that will be released for the Windows Insider Preview.

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