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After a fake story about a hotel that serves dog meat has gotten an Indian student into trouble, who has been arrested and sued for defamation, now another hoax is circulating on the internet and it’s making a lot of victims. This time, it’s about WhatsApp and how users are being notified if someone takes a screenshot of their chat, like on Snapchat.

It all started on January 23, when a website called 8shit has posted a fake quote from WhatsApp CEO Jan Koum saying “The functioning is simple, just like the blue tick: You will have the option activated by default. If it’s checked, you’ll be notified if someone screenshots your conversation, and others will be notified if you screenshot theirs. If it’s unchecked, no one gets notified”. This new feature was supposed to roll out in a new update and many users were fooled by it.

The story became viral not only on WhatsApp, but on Facebook as well, and there were many users who were afraid that their friends will take screenshots of their chat and share them with others. There were many websites that have taken over the story without verifying its legitimacy and they panicked even more users. However, there were smarter users who realized that 8shit is a humor website, after checking its disclaimer that reads: “8Shit is a satire news and humor website. All its content is fiction (except those under the “serious” category) and shouldn’t be taken as real. All references, names and marks or institutions in this web are used as contextual elements, like in any novel or science-fiction story.”

There were a similar story that circulated a few months ago, but this time it targeted Instagram and its users were also tricked to believe that their friends will be able to take a screenshot of their pictures. The truth, however, lied somewhere in the middle, because later it was confirmed that the application will only notify users if someone takes a screenshot of a personal message.

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