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Tekken 7 fans are in for a treat as the developers are rewarding those who choose to pre-order the game. Purchasing the pre-order will enable them to get an all new character. Fighting games are kicking it up a notch as they’ve gotten even more interesting as games such as Injustice 2 is causing a lot of hype with their superhero-supervillain fight.

Tekken 7 on the other hand is something a lot more different as it focuses more on a darker plot. Those who will opt for the game will get super excited as the game will be released this summer on June the 2nd on Xbox One, PC and PlayStation. Pre-ordering the hit game will reward players with the immortal vampire Eliza as DLC content.

Those who purchase the Day One pre-order of Tekken 7 will have the ability to play Eliza, who was initially made available in Tekken Revolution, a free to play spinoff to the original game. The announcement made a lot of fans extremely happy and according to Game Rant, it made her the most anticipated character in the game.

Eliza has a lot of interesting move which are based on rapid hits such as dive kicks and the ability to teleport and launch projectiles. Her entire kit is based on waves of energy which travel across the ground. There is a slight similarity to games such as Street Fighter. Besides Akama, Eliza is the only character who can make use of EZ super moves.

Tekken has gotten a little bit creative as the trailer portrays Eliza having some problems with sleeping as she has a slight tendency to fall asleep in the midst of battle. Her abilities are yet to be revealed. The guys from Bandai are a bit secretive when it comes to announcing special moves or even a new mechanic.

Notwithstanding the addition of Eliza for those who purchase the pre-order edition of Tekken 7, players will also have some awesome bonuses when purchasing the game on console platforms such as a Jukebox mode and rare costumes for the Playstation and Xbox One owners will receive skins which belong to Tekken 6.

A new Season Pass will also be available with a lot of stages and new characters. Bandai has teased a game mode which is pretty sure to hit the game pretty soon.