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Evan Blass, who is a reliable long-term leaker who goes by the Twitter name @evleaks, recently said that March 29 is the release date for the future Galaxy S8 and S8 Edge devices. The two phones will most likely have larger screens, even bigger than the 5.7 inches display Galaxy Note 7 had. As such, according to the rumors, S8 might show off with a 5.8-inches screen, while the Edge version would feature a 6.2-inches one. Blass claims that the screen would take up almost 85% of the body of the device, so you would have little bezel.

Moreover, the capacitive buttons Samsung used to place at the bottom of the screen can disappear on both S8 models. This would leave more space for an expansion of the display, which seems to be a sustained trend this year when it comes to technology. Perhaps the most recent proof for this is the Mi Mix model produced by Xiaomi.

The latest flagship devices produced by Samsung have been a largely debated subject in the previous months, since the South Korean producers now have a chance to make up for the huge disaster Galaxy Note 7 was. For those who lived in a cave, last year the Note 7 model caught fire or exploded on several occasions. With the upcoming devices, Samsung hopes to win back their loyal fans and to build back their brand confidence, as well as gain some completely new users.

At the same time, it’s a great chance for the company to boost its sales for the Galaxy S8. Despite the drawback of $5 billion caused by the recalling process for Note 7, the tech giant did have an interesting wave of profits recently. However, it remains to be seen how many people will trust them again with buying a new device.