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Pokémon Company International has released Pokémon Duel on Android and iOS devices. This strategy game allows you to compete in Pokémon Figure Game matches with other players.

In each match, players are challenged to move one of their figures to the goal on the opponent’s side of the board. It is good to know that you are able to take six Pokémon figures into each match and you can collect additional figures outside of matches.

When your turn comes, you can move one of the figures to a different node on the board. When one of the players moves one of their figures next to one of their opponent’s figures, they will have the option to start a battle between the two figures.

During each battle, a wheel will spin, which will determine the attack that the Pokémon will use and if it will be a hit or miss. At the end of the table, if any Pokémon has been knocked out, it will be removed from the board and placed in the Pokémon Center. When a Pokémon is the Pokémon Center, the owner will not be able to use it temporarily.

You will also be able to play some special cards during matches, which can have a big impact on the game. For example you are able to increase the attack power of a Pokémon for a single run.

By wining matches, you will get Time Booster boxes, which give you a chance to get new figures. Keep in mind that it will take a time to open these boxes, but you can always spend premium currency to open them with ease.

As you collect more figures, you can spend the ones that you don’t want to upgrade the ones that interest you. If a figure levels up, you are able to increase the size of the edge of where you can attack, but also to decrease the size of the edged of your missing attack on the battle wheels.

What are your thoughts about the new Pokémon Duel game that has been released for iOS and Android?