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Every software fan should regard Malwarebytes as an essential security tool which is based around detecting and getting rid of potential malware threats from a Windows PC. The software has the ability to perform on demand scans of the entire system and when it detects a potential threat it immediately puts it in quarantine and leaves the user to decide either to get rid of them with a single click.

The software comes free of cost and is the best option when it comes to dealing with PuPs (Potentially unwanted Programs) which are more known under the term of adware. They are not classified as viruses and will most certainly not be picked up by your normal antivirus but they can prove to be a nuisance if not taken care of.

Such adware can redirect your homepage and change default search engines as well as adding unwanted toolbars to a browser and make surfing the net and using your device a whole lot harder. Not only do these programs compromise privacy as they monitor every command which happens on the device but it also reports back to advertisers in order to get your personal information compromised.

Malwarebytes also has the ability to completely get rid of more serious threats such as ransomware. Not only is it a great companion to your antivirus but it is also regarded as a necessity when it comes to keeping your personal data safe from potential threats.

When Malwarebytes Anti-Malware is first installed, users will be given a two week free trial of the premium edition which has the option to perform real-time scans.  If the trial expires, users will need to open the program themselves and scan for potential threats manually but have no worries because the process is extremely easy as the software is very user-friendly and has a lot of online support when it comes to asking for help regarding how to use it.

Installing Malwarebytes will enable anyone who decides to do so to have a better internet browsing experience being unhampered from any potential threats and this will not only confer an easier experience but your computer will also perform faster and be safe from any online threats.