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Despite the fact that we got to see Google Pixel and Pixel XL just a couple of months ago, people already started releasing rumors about the upcoming Pixel 2 model. The next Pixel is said to bring significant improvements in comparison with the previous device. Some of the features which are rumored for the future phone are water-resistance, a faster CPU and a better camera, according to a report released by 9to5Google.

There are good news for people who want to buy a great phone at a lower price, too! It seems that Google would also launch a cheaper version of the model. According to 9to5Google, this other version is dubbed Pixel 2B, though it is not sure whether this would be the final name. Google did not offer yet any clarification on these speculations.

Given the fact that Galaxy Note 7 was recalled because of two fires caused by the battery, it seems that Google Pixel is the major Android phone now. After Google gave up the Nexus brand, they decided to create a product that would wear their name, and the result is, as you can see, a premium one. However, the price is premium too, so the device is not that accessible. As such, a sequel to this model would make Google be known as a great manufacturer, and the cheaper version would let it enter a different market.

Furthermore, it seems that Google Pixel 2 would take better photos in low light, and the camera might bring new filters or shooting options. Though it’s premature to talk about it, apparently the company is testing some new processors from Intel, Qualcomm and MediaTek. Also, the price might increase by at least $50, which is not that great, but on the other hand we might get to see a cheaper version.

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