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Those of you that are using Google Hangouts should know that Hangouts 16.0 is live and operational right now. The latest version features the expected load of changes such as bug removal and problem fixes. These aren’t as flashy as new features that enhance the experience more actively, but they are very important for maintaining a stable platform that won’t break down unexpectedly.

The latest patch also touched on some issues that have been found with the Contacts section of the user interface. It would seem that, as it was before the patch, the Contacts section in Hangouts had the tendency of confusing users.

Previously, you could see a list of all your contacts, as well as the “Frequent” ones. In Hangouts 16.0 however users have a new On Hangouts and Not On Hangouts segregation which can help them identify which of their friends are available for a chat at any given time.

It is understandable how this update wouldn’t exactly strike your fancy, since we’re talking about a small patch. However, you might find more use for the recently announced Google Voice apps which should improve the experience for Google Voice users quite a bit. There is apparently a new Voice coming, which should see more people adopting the service.

While Google Hangouts 16.0 is available, the developer noted that you still need to use the Hangouts Dialer if you wish to place a call. The implementation of VoIP within the app will come at a later date. If you are interested in getting the latest Google Hangouts build, you can snatch it from Google Play Store.

It’s great to see that even though Google is busy with the Android Nougat rollout which has proven to be a much more tedious task than probably anticipated, it still finds time to bring some updates for other software that bears its branding. This only increases the overall benefit of using an Android phone.