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Though it is indeed the most popular browser in the world, Chrome is far from being perfect. Over the years, the team created more than 50 updates for it, and yet you still encounter some issues when using it. We’re sure  that you asked yourself many times what would the world be like if Chrome didn’t have so many flaws, so here are some tips and tricks to get over them!

  1. Closing multiple tabs at once. If you accidentally click on Close, the browser would close and take with it all the tabs. The solution would be to go to and pin the tab in order to make a prompt appear when you hit Close.
  2. Block any data request. Go to Settings, Show Advanced Settings, Content Settings in the Privacy section. Then just select Do not allow any site to show notifications option.
  3. Scale interface. Really high or really low resolutions can mess up with Chrome, so you have to go to the UI scaling options on your own. Go to Advanced Settings, then in the Web Content section you will find a Page Zoom menu. Then you can adjust the zoom percentage as you wish.
  4. Stop videos from auto-playing. Though there isn’t a direct setting for this, you should go to Settings/Show advanced settings/Content settings, then go to the Flash portion and choose Block sites from running Flash.
  5. Make it work faster. Sometimes the browser becomes a little slow, especially if you have the habit of playing around with all the settings. Thankfully, there is a Chrome cleanup tool ( which you can download. This will remove any software that slows it down and it will solve problems such as unexpected ads, crashes or startup pages and toolbars that make it work badly.