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We think it’s safe that Apple had a rocky year in 2016 starting with iPad Pro’s success and ending with iPhone 7’s highly controversial design. Apple fans were certainly upset with the US based tech giant because it decided to design iPhone 7 the same way iPhone 6S was designed. While Apple fans were upset over iPhone 7’s similarities with iPhone 6S the thing that upset them the most was that Apple decided to remove the classic 3.55 mm audio jack.

Apple’s answer to removing the 3.55 mm audio jack was that Apple fans had to acquire the company’s brand new AirPod ear buds which are wireless mobile headphones. Even though these wireless headphones are able of providing users with a high quality listening experience, Apple started being criticized for forcing their customers to acquire additional accessories. It’s a known fact that Apple has one of the biggest fan bases in the tech world and Apple is certainly taking advantage of that.

The thing which was so controversial about these AirPods was that customers were highly likely to lose them. In fact, the internet was filled with memes such as “they’re great so long as you don’t lose them”. Another factor which raised concern among Apple fans was the fact these wireless headphones are rather small and very expensive being priced at $69.

In order to inspire trust into customers and to answer the media, Apple has developed an app which tracks AirPods. This way no one can criticize Apple for wanting to make money off customers which have the misfortune of losing them. The way this feature will work is very similar to the “Find my iPhone” feature. In fact, the “Find my AirPods” option will be added alongside the it. This feature will give users the ability to either “ping” the AirPods or hear them when they make a sound or to just locate them on the device’s “Map” app.

Nonetheless, even though this change to AirPods from the classical headphones wasn’t that well received at least Apple is taking measures in order to improve user experience. Anyways, according to rumors all other huge tech manufacturers are following Apple’s trend and removing the 3.55 mm audio jack.