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BlackBerry is set to take the world by storm on the 25<sup>th</sup> of February as they have scheduled the release of the newest keyboard-equipped BlackBerry device. The device goes by the name of Mercury and is ready to amaze us all right ahead of the Mobile World Congress which will fill the city of Barcelona with thousands of tech enthusiasts.

A prefinal version of the Mercury was previewed this month and it features the device’s ever so famous physical keyboard which is the main feature of BlackBerry devices and sets them apart from its competitors. The BlackBerry may face an uphill battle as it has lost a lot of fans but it is slowly but surely going to regain them if the Mercury ends up being a huge success.

BlackBerry now functions under the Chinese tech giant TCL who owns Alcatel ass well and is said to come equipped with Android software. TCL is highly ambitious and will build a BlackBerry portfolio which will have a lot of devices added to it, ranging from affordable phones to high-end devices. We are a hundred per cent sure that the Mercury will be the highest end device made by them and judging from its looks, it will not disappoint.

Speaking of brands which are looking forward to re-building their legacy, the Finnish tech giant Nokia Mobile will use the Mobile World Congress to launch a new device which is said to be a premium competitor to top manufacturers, namely the Nokia 6. The phone is currently sold in China and received so much popularity from users that the first batch of devices sold out in a whopping two minutes.

Nokia are playing an entirely different game as the device is currently aiming for the lower to mid-range markets while the BlackBerry is aiming to play along with giants such as Samsung and Apple in the premium sector. The race to which company will gain their fame back is sure to be an interesting one and we can only wait and see if both manufacturers will have a positive outcome.