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It seems that it will be a lot easier to keep your Windows 10 PC secure in the near future. Microsoft has announced the new protection hub that will allow PC users to keep their computers safe.

According to the company, the new Windows Defender Security Center will make sure that you are protected by “default”, meaning that your PC will be continuously protected.

This new service will be a key parting protecting devices that run on the new Windows 10 Creators Update, which will be launched later this year. Microsoft has written in a blog post that it is trying to keep the computers that run on Windows 10 as clean as possible and this is the reason why it had to bring this new tool to the operating system.

In addition, as points out, the company claims that this new service will make it easier for users to understand what security is in place on your computer, but also to allow them to adjust some of the settings on the way.

The new hub will also display a range of information on the performance and health of the computer, which means that you will be able to easily see if there are any issues that may have been caused by a virus.

We have to mention that the new hub will also stop malware from attacking your computer, but it will also check on your existing third-party security offerings. In other words, if it detects that your subscription has expired, the service will automatically enable Windows Defender Antivirus until you’ll re-enable the third-party security app.

The hub will also include a firewall and network protection, which will allow you to see any online or network related problems, but it will also have a “Family” option, where you will be able to have parental controls over your children’s online activities.

To make things even better, thanks to the “App and Browser control” feature that the hub will come with, you will be protected from harmful apps, files or programs that you may download via your browser.

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