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WhatsApp is packed with useful features, but there was one little feature that was missing, and even though you didn’t necessarily think about it, once we tell you what it is, you’ll agree that deep down you always wanted it.

We are talking about the fact that when you lose your internet connection, you can no longer send messages. This can be quite frustrating because it forces you to wait until a connection is reestablished before writing down everything that you want to write. It would be ten times easier if you could just write all the messages you want to send, and have them delivered once you are back online.

This must be exactly what the WhatsApp officials thought to themselves while having their morning coffee, because a new feature for WhatsApp lets you do just that. The feature is for the iOS version of the application, meaning that iPhone users will no longer sit idly with their phone in hand waiting for the internet connection to pop back on.

Rather than that, the feature lets you queue messages. You send as many as you want and they get queued up. Once the internet is once again available, all the messages you have written meanwhile will be sent to their destination. This is a great effort towards maximizing a precious resource: time.

Even though it hasn’t been pushed that hard through forums or even by WhatsApp, this little issue still managed to get on the back of your mind every time you lost your signal. If your daily routine or schedule see you pass through zones that aren’t that internet-friendly, you won’t have to worry about it anymore as far as WhatsApp messages are concerned.

With this nifty new feature, iOS users are now able to join their Android WhatsApp brethren which have had this perk for quite some time now. To be more specific, it’s been around since the previous year, and no doubt anyone with an iPhone is glad to finally receive it as well. Sometimes, those couple of minutes that you have on the bus or subway on the way to work or school are really all you have in terms of time, and not being able to capitalize on them in any way feels bad.