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If one happens to own a smartphone and has a stable internet connection, he or she is now able to make video calls and send messages to anyone around the world free of charge by using Viber. This is a great tool to save some money when making calls.

This app brings some amazing features to the table such as instant video messaging as one can send recorded videos which can last for as much as 30 seconds as well some colors and emoticons to personalize chats and make them livelier.

Not only is Viber a popular app when it comes to messaging and keeping in touch with people from all around the world but lately it featured an update for Windows 10 which came along with a wide array of interesting features and user experience improvements.

Viber was recently update to version 6.6 and can be found in the Windows Store. There are a lot of functionality improvements and design changes which were brought along with the update as well as making the app a lot more easy to use.

There were some changes regarding the Share UI with new options which improve the photo sharing function as well as the ability to tap the share icon in chat windows which brings six options to one to choose from. Users now have the option to pick between sending photo and video, take photo and video, a new option for sending files, contacts as well as location and a hold and talk feature.

After this update, Viber received a new built-in photo picker which opens by default when the share icon is tapped as well as the option to share more than one photo at the same time. A new sharing menu was also implemented and made Viber a serious competitor to other messaging apps.

If they continue to update and developers focus their full-fledged attention to taking into account user reviews and recommendations, they will surely become even more competitive to other similar apps.