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The South Korean tech giant is rumored to enter 2017 with a bang when it comes to their next flagship smartphone, the Samsung Galaxy S8. The upcoming device is said to come equipped with an “infinity screen” according to sources and given the state of the art screen technology that Samsung is implementing in their Smart TV sector, this is not something surprising.

Samsung’s Galaxy S8 will surely come out as a visually exquisite handset as more and more manufacturers are adopting the smaller bezels trend. Important manufacturers will release devices with large frontal areas but none of them will even come close to what Samsung has installed for us.

The iconic curved edges paired with amazing aesthetics give the South Korean behemoth an advantage in every battle.  Not only are the curved edges an amazing feature to look at but they also serve the purpose of giving users the impression of the device having no bezels whatsoever. A lot of hints are aiming towards the screen being named “infinity display” similar to the concept of infinity pools where the water seems like it flows just over the edge.

Samsung is believed to launch two Galaxy S8 devices which come in two sizes, one sporting a screen which will measure around five inches while the other will pack a whopping six inch display. Both devices will keep the same proportion of previous S series models but both top and bottom bezels will surely be smaller, thus giving the device an outstanding screen to body ratio.

The manufacturer has also hinted with some blueprints of the device that the physical home key will be completely gone thus giving the Samsung Galaxy S8 more room for its screen. As an alternative, the fingerprint sensor will be embedded in the bottom half of the screen whilst relying on biometric sensors for a better security.

Tech enthusiasts will have to wait just a little longer for the upcoming Samsung flagship device to be release as sources note it will be released to the general public sometime around April this month.